Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dearest Florence,

Now I blog one of my favorite women. She's beautiful and her music is lifechanging and breathtaking.  Man of you know or have heard Florence and The Machine, for those who haven't. Take time out of your busy schedule and listen to her music.  Any of it, I bet you won't be dissappointed.


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ms. Jaime,

Jaime Pressley's character in My Name is Earl.  Of course she has been featured in many a film and shows, but I remember her vividly from My Name is Earl and I believe I fell in love with her truly when she beat the hell out of Juliet Lewis's character in the show. It was probably one of the best chick fights I've seen in a while, because there wasn't any scratching and screeching, no hair pulling and biting.  They went all out, toe to toe fist throwing fighting like to grown ass men. I loved it. I've loved Juliet Lewis for many a year as well, she was awesome in Natural Born Killers which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies, if not all time favorite, again, she threw down in that movie, kicked anyone and every ones ass she could. It was awesome.

No, I'm not a violent person, I've never once been in a fight and have absolutely no intentions of doing so, but think, how awesome would it be just to kick some mother fucking ass sometimes?!! 

Enjoy, she is my woman of today.  Who's yours?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson

Lykke Li was born in 1986, daughter to a musician (father) and photographer (mother). 

A Sweedish beauty. I've only recently (the last year or so) fallen in love with the sounds of Lykke's music. Her voice is nothing less than beautiful and her songs sound as though they are full of so much passion and life. I can almost bet any of us can relate to at least one of her songs at some point in life.
 On occasion I can listen to her albums over again for weeks at a time.
It's definitely on my top 5 of music and beautiful women.
Readers, if you haven't gave her a listen yet, do not hesitate any longer. 
It's definitely worth the jam!

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(more info here)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barrymore, Drew

"I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness."
Drew Barrymore

Monday, August 22, 2011


Although her beauty was not apparent to me until the last few years, I remember buying this picture in a beautiful picture for my mother one Christmas and she was having such a bad day (medically) she cried when she saw it's beauty.  It may have been then that I really found the beauty in her face and her style and just HER! Marilyn Monroe!  So beautiful!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Phillis Wheatley

Phillis  Wheatley
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On Imagination-Phillis Wheatley
THY various works, imperial queen, we see, How bright their forms! how deck'd with pomp by thee!  They wond'rous acts in beauteous order stand, And all attest how potent is thine hand.  From Helicon's refulgent heights attend, Ye sacred choir, and my attempts befriend:  To tell her gories with a faithful tongue, Ye blooming graces, triumph in my song.  Now here, now there, the roving Fancy flies, Till some lov'd object strikes her wand'ring eyes, Whose silken fetters all the senses bind, And soft captivity involves the mind.  Imaginiation! who can sing thy force?  Or who describe the swiftness of thy course? Soaring through air to find the bright abode,  Th' empyreal palace of the thund'ring God, We on thy pinions can surpass the wind, And leave the rolling universe behind: From star to star the mental optics rove, Measure the skies, and range the realms above. There in one view we grasp the mighty whole, Or with new worlds amaze th' unbounded soul. Through Winter frowns to Fancy's raptur'd eyes The fields may flourish, and gat scenes arise; The frozen deeps may break their iron bands, And bid their waters murmur o'er the sands. Fair Flora may resume her fragrant reign, And with her flow'ry riches deck the plain; Sylvanus may diffuse his honours round, And all the forest may with leaves be crown'd: Show'rs may descend, and dews their gems disclose, And nectar sparkle on the blooming rose.  Such is thy pow'r, nor are thine orders vain, O thou the leader of the mental train: In full perfection all thy works are wrought, And thine the sceptre o'er the realms of thought. Before thy throne the subject-passions bow, Of subject-passions sov'reign ruler thou; At thy command joy rushes on the heart; And through the glowing veins the spirits dart. Fancy might now her silken pinions try To rise from earth, and sweep th' expanse on high: From Tithon's bed now might Aurora rise, Her cheeks all glowing with celestial dies, While a pure stream of light o'erflows the skies. The monarch of the day I might behold,  And all the mountains tipt with radiant gold, But I reluctant leave the pleasing views, Which Fancy dresses to delight the Muse; Winter austere forbids me to aspire, And northern tempests damp the rising fire; They chill the tides of Fancy's flowing sea, Cease then, my song, cease the unequal lay.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The late GREAT Amy Winehouse

The late and always great Amy Winehouse. It was a sad day when she passed away. But I can honestly say I'm saddened because I will never be able to see her perform live. I only recently found Amy Winehouse and have loved it since the first time I heard it playing.  Lovely bluesy singer and absolutely adorable! 

What made me maddest and has made me not post anything regarding Ms Winehouse is the issue that everyone expected this to happen, because she battled with addiction. Let me start by saying, that's fucking horse shit. Who actually "expects" death from someone as young and beautiful?  To each and every bastard who had something awful to say about this, piss off folks!  It's not right. Death is death whether you are 102 years old and it's just time or a fucking ex junky, junky whatever!  Like I said, piss off.  

The world mourned and cried when the greats like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, etc etc came to their demise.  How is she any different? 

Like I said, death is death, whether its accidental or intentional. It doesn't matter, someone somewhere, lost someone they loved. Have a little respect for the deceased and quit being a douche!  Her music is wonderful and she is beautiful, her lifestyle has nothing to do with it! 

And there you have it, my 2 cents on you bastards who thinks it OK to talk bad about someone is now DEAD!  Piss off! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Noise Rock!

"I just happened to start playing music for the conceptual ideas" -Kim Gordon
(photo taken here)
Kim Gordon

Another American beauty. Born in New York.  Musician, Vocalist, Record Producer, Video Producer and Actress. 

After searching through ideas, this one came again from a dear friend.  Sonic Youth the band with Kim Gordon was a huge inspiration for Nirvana, namely Kurt Cobain.  Her style led him in the direction he chose to go with his music.  Not to stray but Nirvana paved the way for a lot of great Grunge and Alternative music. 

Without the greats like Kim Gordon and Sonic Youth we my have never experienced the greats like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana! 

I salute thee Mrs. Gordon!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Swift like!

A little insight on tonight's post, before I begin babbling.  I was at a loss of awesome women tonight and went to one of my bestest guy friends for his suggestions.  He surprised me  with his response. I would have never had guessed.  So yes, Ive a bit of idea block tonight, but feel the need to blog abouts someone awesome. So, without further ado, this credit is not mine to take, but I'm always glad to share. 

(photo taken here)

Taylor Swift.  Let me being by saying, my knowledge of Taylor Swift goes as far as knowing,  A) she is a country singer and B) My cousin LOVES her, she was totally excited about her concert in July, unfortunately she rescheduled due to sickness. Sad days for my  cousin. 

So here's what little bit of information I received from my guy friend.  Taylor Swift, singer, writer, musician.  Typical of few these days. What happened to the days where you went to see a BAND and that band had at least a singer, guitar player, bass player and drummer? Those days seem rare. A lot of today's music makes me sick at my stomach and miss the days when music was just that. None of this crap that rots my brain and makes my head ache.  Ahhh to dream. 
So we have Miss Taylor Swift, she can be all of what 20 something?  Sheesh!  Here I sit about to hit my 30's with "laugh lines" around my eyes, wishing I could be early 20 something again.  So she writes her own music, yes it's country music, I wouldn't listen to it unless there was a bet involved and a sum of money worth listening.  Sorry Miss Swift, I don't dig the country music.  But I can give you props for writing your own music. Not only that but you do it all, composing, singing, writing (as I said) and producing. It takes guts and dedication these days to make it big time.  And PROPS for you honey.  I'd say that is pretty rawking for a good ole country girl!

So a little more insight here, Taylor Swift, born Taylor Alison Swift,  12/13/89.  As I thought, still a baby.  Another American Beauty, born in Pennsylvania.  Her career is still young, as she herself and I'd say she is doing pretty well. All these young ones these days just makes me feel old.  So for your viewing pleasure and listening as well ( I'm not watching or listening) Enjoy!

OK... so I didn't have luck with the video upload thing and it was being so stupid slow  that this one is the only one to show up.  Go figure, but she's playing a banjo.  Banjos are awesome.  Just sayin'.

Monday, July 11, 2011


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Heather Joan Graham....  I shall begin this by saying, she is my definition of beautiful. She always has been. I've been picked on for announcing my girl crush on this lady, but she is worthy to me.  They pick and poke with their disagreements but it never turns me away. I've loved Heather Graham since the first time I saw her on television and sadly, I can't remember which film that was!

(photo taken here)

Heather Graham born American and in Wisconsin, the cheese state, or so they tell me anyways. Her mother an actress and writer, her father a retired FBI agent. By my definition that makes her no less than AWESOME.  She starred in many films, some of my favorites would be Austin Powers, The Hangover, Boogie Nights, From Hell, Committed. That's just naming a few. 

Her beauty and talent makes it hard for me to not Love her to death.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Love-Sia

It's a cover of Sia, but it's beautifully done and the woman singing has done an awesome job. Very beautiful indeed! Ive yet to find an actual video for this song. Never the less, I love it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lets all welcome Ms Teeray!

Here we have one of my favorite ladies!  She is an AWESOME writer and a wondermus mother and wife!  I enjoy reading anything she puts down. Again, she's awesome!

So here we have, her letter to her son. Featured on Persephone Magazine.  She writes a lot for them and it's all wonderful stuff. So don't waste time, check it out, WHEN YOU'RE DONE HERE OF COURSE!

An Open Love Letter

By Teri Floyd On May 26, 2011 · Leave a Comment · In Parenting
Dear Sweet Child O’Mine,
At the moment you are barely two years old, and you consist of feet much too big for the rest of your spindly toddler body, wide blue eyes, and unruly curly blonde hair. You are a daredevil, a boundary-tester, a lover of vowels, of counting, of finger paints and bubbles (“bob-ohs”), and you would give anything to meet DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. You’re a mess, a delight, a baby still. In your pretend grown-up jammies of Hanes Tighty Whiteys (baby-sized) and oversized t-shirt, you make me wistful for my own childhood.
One day you will be a man, and this letter is intended for the moment that you become one. What age might you be? I can only guess if you’ll be the type of man to mature early, with wise thoughts and a compassionate soul, or if you’ll be a little slower to reach adulthood, making many pit stops and mistakes along the way. I look forward to your journey through this crazy, mixed-up, confusing world, and it is my hope that I can offer you insight and guidance as you go.
I hope that you will always remember that from the moment you were born, you had privilege. I hope you realize that your life has been incredibly lucky in so many ways. Yes, there have been hard times. We are not as lucky or as blessed as many, but at the same time, we are so much more so than others. The road hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve navigated it as best we could. I want you to always acknowledge that there are those who have not had the same advantages, the same luck, the same societal benefits that you will receive. Always give people a fair break, and never try to judge them for their circumstances or choices. You can never know what truly lies inside a person, and we are not all treated equally in this world. Always try to be compassionate, understanding, and fair. Never discriminate, or fall victim to the shallow and ignorant world of prejudice. Love everyone equally, and give people a fighting chance, or at the very least, a fair break. Don’t ever let your soul embrace apathetic bitterness and resentment.
It is important that you know that everyone is deserving of love. No matter what religion, race, sexual preference, gender, financial status, level of education or any other societal label, we are all a member of the human family, and we are all equal on that score. Always treat people with kindness, and never let ignorant perceptions of others cloud your view. Embrace the happiness of others, and share in their joy. You will be all the happier for it.
My promise to you is that I will always treat you with respect, understanding and compassion. Whatever in life makes you happy will make me happy. Whatever you choose to become, to do with your life – the choices you make, the people you choose to love and the man you choose to be – you are accepted, and you are loved unconditionally. I promise you that.
I hope you’ll never raise your hands or your voice in anger. It is a coward’s way out. Be a man you can be proud of, and resolve your issues with sound, logical arguments and caring, compassionate words. Compromise is an important concept I hope you’ll be familiar with. Nourish your relationships, and hold those you love in the highest of esteem. Never resort to violence or abuse. The Golden Rule, cliché that it is, rings true: Treat Others As You Want to Be Treated. If you adhere to nothing else in this life, adhere to that.
You’ll fall along the way. You’ll make mistakes, and do things that make you feel shame later. You will question what is right and wrong, you’ll ask the wrong questions from time to time. It’s all part of the journey of self-discovery. Learn as much as you can about the world around you.
And for god’s sake, drink more water. That’s one I’ve never been able to master.
For Cal
Before I close the storybook tonight,
Let’s paint a picture now of what we read.
All the colors that exist in sight,
Or all the ones that don’t exist instead.
Possibility is limitless to you,
Of that I will make sure, don’t ever doubt.
Pursuing whatever you may feel is true,
Whatever makes you laugh, or dance about.
So many things I want to paint for you,
We must invent the colors to begin.
The greens, the blues, the red, the yellow hue,
The unique and rosy paleness of your skin.
They don’t know the magic that we know.
For I have taught since you first began,
Outside your eyes the choices always grow,
Hold the paintbrush steady in your hand!
A wealth of trees, of sky, of nature green,
Water rushing beyond some twisted scape.
Pages upon pages is the scene,
The storybook where you and I escape.
I’ll be your co-artist, and help you trace the lines,
The boundaries through which your days will rush.
Until my own are gone, the times
When my withered hand can’t hold the brush.
This story is forever, always you,
It’s pages will brittle-crack, but remain there
Until the days when you yourself are old
Your eyes all smiles, your head so white of hair.
You’ll pass it on with care to your own child,
Removing the splinters along your way,
And begin to paint again; and all the while,
Knowing that this moment cannot stay.
Together you will carry on our story,
Amazing tales, even after I am gone.
But go back a page, or two or three,
And you will see my character lives on.
©Teri Drake-Floyd

(original post here)

And there we  have it. A beautitul, wonderful writer with an endless amount love for her child. I hope it moved you the way it did me.  If only I were as awesome as her.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who loves Rock N Roll? I love Rock N Roll

Who doesn't love some Joan Jett?!  I mean really. She was often referred to "The Queen of Rock N Roll" for lawd sakes.  I've listened to her on many occasion, how can I resist!?  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Warriors of the female type

Dahomey Amazons

An all female military of the Dahomey Kingdom. These warriors fought rarely but could handle their own in battle!  They were body guards, warriors, took over lands and the what nots for their kings.  They carried weapons and wore uniforms.  These womens kicked mucho culo! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Molly Brown"

Margaret "Molly" Tobin Brown
"Titanic survivor and a woman who was determined to break the rules of "high society." "

We all need a rule breaker in the high society, go HERE for more information on Mrs. Molly Brown.  I'm giving major kudos for the creator of that page. I've taken ideas from her, this is my second time!  All credit to her for making my adventures in blogger land easier, tee hee!  :)

So shall we being with my babbles?  you know you want to!

So here we have a lovely photo of Margaret Brown.  The details of the picture said to be rooftop of the Titanic.  "High Society" got her all the way to the top deck of the Titanic. Must be nice!  She is quite lovely isn't she. I'm blogging Mrs. Molly because she seems worthy. Even in times way back when we had women around to be ballsy and rule breakers.  Props to the late great Margaret Brown! She not only survived the sinking of the Titanic. She was also an actress, an activist and was a devoted philanthropist. Definitely worthy of my blog! 

So for those who are further interested here we go! 

Here we have the actress who played Margaret Tobin Brown in the what 1997 version of Titanic.  Were there any other versions?  Anyways.  I thought she did a wonderful job in this.  Albeit I had no idea what her name was nor did I care. The first time I watched Titanic was with my boyfriend at the time and of course I cried like a stupid little bitch, no offence to anyone, but it's true!  I cried and cried and bawled and what nots. It was stupid. It wasn't until the end that  it bothered me, I'm sure it did that to a lot of folks. I wasn't much of a theatre goer or anything, to be honest, I hate the theatre most of the time. We watched this at the boyfriends house on his huge TV. Well it was huge at the time. I'm sure at my house we were rawking a floor model or something. You know the ones, they sit on the floor looks like  a cabinet or something.  haha.  (console TV)

< looks like this! 

So we watched it and yes I cried like a little girl when all the shit went down.  I hate hate hate Leonardo DiCaprio, is that even how you spell his name?  I call him DeCRAPio!  Whatever!  I don't know when my hatred began, but I didn't care for him in this movie either. Go figure!  I love the red hair of Kate Winslet.  Awesome red!   Back to the point of Titanic. As stupid as I felt bawling like a little bitch on my boyfriend at the times shoulder, I'm sure he expected it. But there are times when I see Titanic on and I watch it for old times sake. It was really quite a good movie. Very long and well it's hard to make it through both parts. But and as wrong as I may sound or may be. Titanic to me is like Gone with the Wind to my mother. It's a really long, movie and well isn't all that GREAT but really it kind of is!  Weird how that works isn't it?

I must rant for a minute, I'm sure these thoughts and or words have came out of each of your mouths at one point of another. But... Why the fuck didn't Kate Winslet move her arse over and let DeCRAPio get up on that big arse door?!  GAH!  I'm sure this is when I broke down and cried and bawled like a sniveling fool, but that aside, after  the first time. It was on!  I was like WTF?!  Why didn't she move her arse over?  Very stupid. But then again, how can they rewrite the whole thing and make it wrong? Then again it's what some fictional bullshit anyway. How you take a perfectly good boat sinking and turn it into a sick and twisted, making me fucking cry, love story!/  It's beyond me.

**end rant!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Isn't she wonderful?

” A new journey to be started.
A new promise to be fulfilled.
A new page to be written.
Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes,
the open book awaits.
Be creative.
Be adventurous.
Be original.
And above all else, b
e young.
For youth is your greatest weapon, your greatest tool.
Use it wisely.”

–Wonder Woman # 62 by George Perez
the scene where Vanessa Kapatelis graduates and Diana is hugging her

Monday, May 2, 2011

Miss Susan

Round of applause for Miss Susan B. Anthony. She paved the way for women to have their voting rights!  Fucking A Right Susan.

""Men their rights and nothing more, women their rights and nothing less." -Susan B Anthony

Take your time and soak up the information HERE.   

Miss Susan and Elizabeth Stanton spent their lives with National Woman's Suffrage Association . Together they founded the association. Take time ladies to thank the lawd for womens like these! For without them we may never have got our rights to vote! 

With this I leave you until next time!  Good day bloggers!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I present to you : Holy Hell

Well hello there my dearest ladies. I'm starting this blog with guest post from lovely ladies like the one I give you now. I'm a bit partial because yes she is my dahling baby sister. She has 2 beautiful daughters and to be honest, I applaud those women who are braver than me to handle more than one child. So without further babbles from me, check her out!  :)
Hola….Hello everyone….My sister Doria (the owner of this here blog) has asked me to type something up about myself, or my life…Whatever I want…So here I am typing away.  I am going to share my story now, it’s about what me and my husband are about to go through.  I’ve been with my husband since November 2008, but we just recently got married April 3, 2011.  Anyways, my husband is from Mexico (so that means he is in the United States, Illegally)  so, we’re about to begin the process to establish him citizenship in the united states, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting taken away from myself and his daughter Khloe Itzel (yes we have a daughter together also, she’s 1year old)  So I never really thought about what this process consisted of throughout the time my husband & I were just dating, so now after having spent about a month on the website, talking to other’s that are going through the same process and people that made it through the process successfully, I am really stressed out now-a-days, simply because I know once we start this whole process (no we haven’t started yet—I’ve sent a FOIA to the Customs & Border Patrol to make sure there are no deportations for my husband, because a deportation can cause more problems for us through this process, so we’re waiting for a response from them, before we send off the first form) at some point next year my husband will have to return to Mexico and then he WILL NOT be able to enter into the United States again until the U.S. Consulate has approved him a visa, which can take anywhere from 6 to 20 months. ::frowns:: and in most cases it’s taken all of 20 months, so that means I get to be away from my husband for almost tow years, and his daughter has to be away from her Dada just as long ::cries:: it really stinks!!!  So hey ladies, if anyone is in the same situation, I HIGHLY recommend going to and look around, because it’s a very helpful forum and the people are all in the same situation and they can answer a lot of questions and save you time and money on a lawyer!!!  So everyone wish us luck before we begin our process, and I will be starting my own blog about our situation, I just haven’t had the time yet, but I know once I am sitting here WITHOUT my husband, I will be writing every night, because I will not be able to sleep!!!  Thanks Doria for letting me write about this on your blog!!  If anyone has questions, just ask me! ::smile:: Adios, Bye! (Oh yeah…by the way…FOIA means “Freedom of Information Act”  haha sorry, I’ve gotten so used to abbreviating everything lately!)

A pat on the back for this lady here who can brave out this battle she has in front of her.  I'm so proud of her, again partial, but she is one of the bravest ladies I know!  Now dearest ladies, feel free to check out her blog. She's starting to blog about the adventures in getting her new husband legal!  Holy Hell  Check her out there. Now I look forward to anyone else who would like to share a story with me!  Don't for get the pictures and send them to my email.  Goodnight all!