Thursday, March 29, 2012

House work....Again?

How am I suppose to feel
When you look at me that way?
When you glare your glare?
Throw your fist in the air?
Kick the dust away?
I wasn't ready for this life again.
I wasn't prepared to wear that apron.
Those wooden shoes.
I didn't sign up for this!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seems like a waste of time, to me.

I can't seem to find the point in a certain new 'friendship' when I'm the one putting forth all the new effort.  Whilst I attempt many times at conversation, which you grant me. 
But then of course turn the tables to a new day and hear nothing. 
Is it I've the one with all the words to speak?
I've the one with the life to share?
I'm the one who isn't afraid to be rejected?
Because I do and I'm not!
I'm living out out.
Hear me loud and clear.
I don't need you, ya know?
You may very well just be there.
The empty pool of nothing to offer this world.
Mean words I dare spit out here?
Yea, that's how I roll.
Now I wait.  If ya think you have time. One day...
Maybe I will still be there!
Yea, probably not!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A big F you

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They want to pass a law to make it unlawful for women to have abortions.  This goes beyond any insurance bullshit. This is a direct attack on the rights of Americans.  Not just American's but women everywhere. 

Don't compare me to a  fucking cow or a sheep and that I can't abort a dead fetus from my body.  Fuck you America and your attacks on my rights as a woman on my rights as an AMERICAN CITIZEN!

In the words of others, until you have a vagina don't tell me what I can do with mine!


Friday, March 9, 2012

I was once ashamed,

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The news spread the word that they want it to where insurance companies are not covering the cost of women who have abortions or women who take birth control? Not the women, just the abortions and the birth control.

I wasn't aware, are  they trying to repopulate the country or something?  I had no idea. Count me out though. If they don't want to cover my birth control pills, they make other contraceptives.

Im not proud to admit it, but I've had an abortion. It wasn't the greatest experience. I am PRO CHOICE but I don't think it's right for women and people to take advantage and use this method as birth control.  Thats not good on our bodies.  For the bible thumpers, their god would not approve. It's murder they will tell you.  YOu know the stories. The awful tales...

Ever think about adoption?

Be pro choice, be pro life.  Just BE.  SMART