Saturday, April 23, 2011

I present to you : Holy Hell

Well hello there my dearest ladies. I'm starting this blog with guest post from lovely ladies like the one I give you now. I'm a bit partial because yes she is my dahling baby sister. She has 2 beautiful daughters and to be honest, I applaud those women who are braver than me to handle more than one child. So without further babbles from me, check her out!  :)
Hola….Hello everyone….My sister Doria (the owner of this here blog) has asked me to type something up about myself, or my life…Whatever I want…So here I am typing away.  I am going to share my story now, it’s about what me and my husband are about to go through.  I’ve been with my husband since November 2008, but we just recently got married April 3, 2011.  Anyways, my husband is from Mexico (so that means he is in the United States, Illegally)  so, we’re about to begin the process to establish him citizenship in the united states, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting taken away from myself and his daughter Khloe Itzel (yes we have a daughter together also, she’s 1year old)  So I never really thought about what this process consisted of throughout the time my husband & I were just dating, so now after having spent about a month on the website, talking to other’s that are going through the same process and people that made it through the process successfully, I am really stressed out now-a-days, simply because I know once we start this whole process (no we haven’t started yet—I’ve sent a FOIA to the Customs & Border Patrol to make sure there are no deportations for my husband, because a deportation can cause more problems for us through this process, so we’re waiting for a response from them, before we send off the first form) at some point next year my husband will have to return to Mexico and then he WILL NOT be able to enter into the United States again until the U.S. Consulate has approved him a visa, which can take anywhere from 6 to 20 months. ::frowns:: and in most cases it’s taken all of 20 months, so that means I get to be away from my husband for almost tow years, and his daughter has to be away from her Dada just as long ::cries:: it really stinks!!!  So hey ladies, if anyone is in the same situation, I HIGHLY recommend going to and look around, because it’s a very helpful forum and the people are all in the same situation and they can answer a lot of questions and save you time and money on a lawyer!!!  So everyone wish us luck before we begin our process, and I will be starting my own blog about our situation, I just haven’t had the time yet, but I know once I am sitting here WITHOUT my husband, I will be writing every night, because I will not be able to sleep!!!  Thanks Doria for letting me write about this on your blog!!  If anyone has questions, just ask me! ::smile:: Adios, Bye! (Oh yeah…by the way…FOIA means “Freedom of Information Act”  haha sorry, I’ve gotten so used to abbreviating everything lately!)

A pat on the back for this lady here who can brave out this battle she has in front of her.  I'm so proud of her, again partial, but she is one of the bravest ladies I know!  Now dearest ladies, feel free to check out her blog. She's starting to blog about the adventures in getting her new husband legal!  Holy Hell  Check her out there. Now I look forward to anyone else who would like to share a story with me!  Don't for get the pictures and send them to my email.  Goodnight all!