Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No more secrets

I deleted my private blog today, the place I would go where no one knew my name.
 The place where those friendly folks had not a bad word to say to me.
Not a frown on their faces.
A place where they to had some bad things to say that maybe they didn't want people to know.
I decided I didn't need this place anymore.
I realized it's not my style to hide behind a name.
I behind a faceless image. 
It's not my style.
I'm better than that
I don't need the secret life anymore.
I simply need ME.

I think I'd found happy recently
I think it's something I don't think I need
For many a reason
I don't think that was the happy for me. 

I think I just need me

I think I've lost me

I think I'm going to work on bringing her back, because I miss her. 

Tired ..... of being....