Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Noise Rock!

"I just happened to start playing music for the conceptual ideas" -Kim Gordon
(photo taken here)
Kim Gordon

Another American beauty. Born in New York.  Musician, Vocalist, Record Producer, Video Producer and Actress. 

After searching through ideas, this one came again from a dear friend.  Sonic Youth the band with Kim Gordon was a huge inspiration for Nirvana, namely Kurt Cobain.  Her style led him in the direction he chose to go with his music.  Not to stray but Nirvana paved the way for a lot of great Grunge and Alternative music. 

Without the greats like Kim Gordon and Sonic Youth we my have never experienced the greats like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana! 

I salute thee Mrs. Gordon!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Swift like!

A little insight on tonight's post, before I begin babbling.  I was at a loss of awesome women tonight and went to one of my bestest guy friends for his suggestions.  He surprised me  with his response. I would have never had guessed.  So yes, Ive a bit of idea block tonight, but feel the need to blog abouts someone awesome. So, without further ado, this credit is not mine to take, but I'm always glad to share. 

(photo taken here)

Taylor Swift.  Let me being by saying, my knowledge of Taylor Swift goes as far as knowing,  A) she is a country singer and B) My cousin LOVES her, she was totally excited about her concert in July, unfortunately she rescheduled due to sickness. Sad days for my  cousin. 

So here's what little bit of information I received from my guy friend.  Taylor Swift, singer, writer, musician.  Typical of few these days. What happened to the days where you went to see a BAND and that band had at least a singer, guitar player, bass player and drummer? Those days seem rare. A lot of today's music makes me sick at my stomach and miss the days when music was just that. None of this crap that rots my brain and makes my head ache.  Ahhh to dream. 
So we have Miss Taylor Swift, she can be all of what 20 something?  Sheesh!  Here I sit about to hit my 30's with "laugh lines" around my eyes, wishing I could be early 20 something again.  So she writes her own music, yes it's country music, I wouldn't listen to it unless there was a bet involved and a sum of money worth listening.  Sorry Miss Swift, I don't dig the country music.  But I can give you props for writing your own music. Not only that but you do it all, composing, singing, writing (as I said) and producing. It takes guts and dedication these days to make it big time.  And PROPS for you honey.  I'd say that is pretty rawking for a good ole country girl!

So a little more insight here, Taylor Swift, born Taylor Alison Swift,  12/13/89.  As I thought, still a baby.  Another American Beauty, born in Pennsylvania.  Her career is still young, as she herself and I'd say she is doing pretty well. All these young ones these days just makes me feel old.  So for your viewing pleasure and listening as well ( I'm not watching or listening) Enjoy!

OK... so I didn't have luck with the video upload thing and it was being so stupid slow  that this one is the only one to show up.  Go figure, but she's playing a banjo.  Banjos are awesome.  Just sayin'.

Monday, July 11, 2011


(photo taken here)
Heather Joan Graham....  I shall begin this by saying, she is my definition of beautiful. She always has been. I've been picked on for announcing my girl crush on this lady, but she is worthy to me.  They pick and poke with their disagreements but it never turns me away. I've loved Heather Graham since the first time I saw her on television and sadly, I can't remember which film that was!

(photo taken here)

Heather Graham born American and in Wisconsin, the cheese state, or so they tell me anyways. Her mother an actress and writer, her father a retired FBI agent. By my definition that makes her no less than AWESOME.  She starred in many films, some of my favorites would be Austin Powers, The Hangover, Boogie Nights, From Hell, Committed. That's just naming a few. 

Her beauty and talent makes it hard for me to not Love her to death.